In the midst of COVID-19 and the way it has forever changed our lives, we now have an increased awareness of personal health and wellness.  People understand how important it is to be healthy and strong.  We need our immune system now more than ever to fight sickness and disease.  Furthermore, we have also seen an evolutionary change in the way products and goods are delivered to customers.   Everything is now offered contact free or curbside pickup.  Now more than ever, people will want to purchase the things they need online and have delivered to their home.  We will continue to see more retail brick and mortar stores shut down as we the consumers go online for our goods and services. 

Like many of you, my wife and I are cognizant of how important it is to not only stay healthy but also look and feel our very best.   Fitness for us is therapy.  It is a lifestyle and a healthy one at that.  It was what we started doing together before we went out on an actual dinner date.  This was 2007.  I wasn’t even that thrilled with chasing gains as much then as I was with chasing her.   She on the other hand ran twice a day and worked out regularly.  She was a collegiate athlete and had always been fit, beautiful and athletic.  I on the other hand spent my entire life trying to put on weight and build muscle but fitness had yet to become a lifestyle for me.  This was a lifestyle we would then start together.  She was my inspiration and soon our children would become my motivation.  When exploring different business opportunities, we wanted to find something we could do together as a couple.  We couldn’t think of anything else that we were more passionate about than fitness and nutrition.  Not only would this build an enterprise for our family but also set a great example for our two beautiful children. 

In 2020, I created and designed my own nutrition product line called Gainz 247.  These products would then spawn bigger and greater ideas for this new chapter of our life.  We then started BNM Nutrition offering Houston’s first ever mobile nutrition store catering mostly to home delivery and fitness expos.  While searching for retail locations to open our first store, we decided we would take our nutrition to the next level.  Not only would we offer our own products but also major brand name products as well.  We wanted to cater to as many people as possible and only offer the highest quality of sports nutrition.  Leading by example, we face the same day to day struggle as our customers when trying to make time for health and exercise.   We know firsthand that living and eating healthy can be costly.   Eating clean and taking the right supplements not only requires an education but also a monthly investment.  Our goal is to offer the same brand name products that you would buy in stores but at a more affordable cost.  BNM Nutrition wants to be your one stop shop for all your nutrition and supplement needs.